Meet the team at Precision Imaging, the indepedent print hub in Kings heath (Birmingham, West Midlands). Our team members are specialists in the areas of business marketing, design, fine art, photography, printing and framing.

Dave Smith Precision Imaging


David Loughran-Smith - Junior Vice President

Dave wanted to run his own business since his early teens, and took the plunge in 2011 after three years working as Sales & Product Manager for Color Confidence, and three years running the Fine Print division of Lion Picture Framing Supplies. Both roles gave him experience of the photographic and wall art sectors, and many contacts to boot. Dave holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and is an experienced specialist in printing for business promotion and marketing. Plan to speak with Dave by emailing or call him at 01214486707.

Dave's access to printers gave him 15 minutes of fame when visiting the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, though he will take the spelling mistake to his grave.

Dave attends a breakfast networking meeting every week as an active member of BNI St Pauls, and has also been involved with Kings Heath BID, a role which led to him helping to organise the Kings Heath Street Festival in its early years.

And in case you're wondering why he chose JVP as his job title, the inspiration came from one of the great thinkers in business, Homer J Simpson.

Eamon Martin Precision Imaging




Eamon Martin - Das Wunderkind

Eamon joined the business in February 2016 and works part-time when he's not studying graphics and 3D design at sixth form college. His specialities include design, Photoshop, stretching canvas and all things print finishing. A cheerful and hard-working member of the team, Eamon is the only one brave enough to carry glass upstairs to the framing workshop, a vital role! 




Jeremy Foster Precision Imaging



Jeremy Foster - Framing Extraordinaire

Jez has been a good friend of Dave since the turn of the century (the most recent one), and has been hand making all of the bespoke picture frames since before the shop in Kings Heath opened. The most joyful and optimistic member of the team, Jez is with us at least two days each week. However, as he works upstairs and is rarely seen by the public, rumours abound that he is in fact a mythical character.

Jez is also a gifted jewellery maker. See his webshop Pick Up A Penny






Jorine Beck Precision Imaging

Jorine Beck - Dutch Master

Jorine came in to the shop in September 2016 to get some copies of her CV printed before embarking on a job-hunt, she needn't have bothered! She started a trial with us the following week and has been a valued member of the team ever since. She looks after the social media for the business, as well as our accounts and purchasing. She is also on hand to help with a wide range of jobs in the shop. Jorine holds a Bachelor and Master in the Arts and is a specialist in fine art and art sales. Plan to speak with Jorine by emailing or call her at 01214486707 from Monday to Wednesday.

Jorine works part-time at Precision Imaging, and when she is not in the shop she concentrates on her own arts practice in performance and political art, amongst other things. Check out her webshop: Pretty Political




Kerry Smith Precision Imaging



Kerry Smith - Keztomer Service

Kerry first started with us in 2013 whilst still at sixth form college. She has since gone on to study photography at Wolverhampton University and will graduate in summer 2017, at which point she will take up a full time role within the business. Her university grades have been so good (she recently got 94% in her dissertation) there is talk of a 20ft bronze statue of her being unveiled on her graduation day...

Kerry has a fantastic breadth of knowledge of all of the printing side of the business, and is our resident Photoshop and design guru. She currently works every Tuesday and Friday, and is a huge asset to the business. Plan to speak with Kerry about design and photography printing by emailing or call her at 01214486707 on Tuesdays.

Check out Kerry's webste: Kerry Smith Photography