Case study 1 - Hoakser - How we worked with a local graffiti artist help his online business grow Hoakser prints by Precision Imaging

Hoakser had long been selling his unique street art online, but had never been able to crack selling fine art reproductions of his prints due to print quality issues and inconsistent service from suppliers. When he started to work with us we helped to resolve the issues and gradually he saw his online print sales grow.

Since 1998, Hoakser has been developing as an artist in the UK graffiti scene, from his base in Kings Heath, Birmingham. Constantly studying and working on his skills, experimenting with new techniques and materials, his distinctive graffiti character and lettering styles are put to use on all kinds of surfaces. His custom commissions in various forms and other sold pieces include toys, canvases and work from his trademark Pre-Graffalite series have been shipped all over the world, to private collectors across five continents.

When Hoakser used other companies to print his images he found the colours inconsistent, and often nowhere near the originals. In addition to this he often had to buy 20+ prints to get a reasonable price. Another obstacle was that he was using various different suppliers to print on different substrates, meaning more colour inconsistency across his product range and more admin and delivery charges to boot.

Working with Precision meant Hoakser was able to get samples printed first to check he was happy with the colours, then order in smaller quantities (sometimes just one at a time). This helped cashflow as he wasn’t having to order prints until they had been sold.

In addition to the prints he buys, Precision was able to offer Hoakser frames for his prints and prints on aluminium panels and wooden blocks to broaden his product offering. Hoakser even occasionally uses our courier service when sending larger orders to customers, which ensures prompt shipping in the safe packaging.

Since Hoakser has been using Precision he has seen his online print sales grow hugely. Being able to offer a wider range of products on different surfaces allows his work to hang on even more walls across the world.

"Always a perfect helpful service, Precision Imaging really helps me to offer more of my artwork to a wider audience for a longer time.  Some of my prints now hang in places they couldn't have before, some hang next to some of my favourite artists work in private collections. Having a good reliable printing company makes that possible and easy..Thanks Precision!!"

Check out his work at


Kirk at Precision Imaging

Case study 2 - Kirk Andrews - Helping a local artist branch out and set up his own gallery

We met Kirk Andrews in 2015 when he first brought his artwork to us for printing and mounting and his passion for art was very apparent from that first meeting.

He is a local artist working mainly in charcoal and pastel and his artwork now sells worldwide. He has a passion for music which is a big inspiration for his work and this is captured in his portraits of iconic rock stars.

Musicians have given wonderful feedback and positive comment about his portraits of them. These include;  Liam Howlett, Maxim and Rob Holliday from The Prodigy, Denise Johnson from Primal Scream, singers Shahin Badar, Nadine Shah and Tess Parks.

He has exhibited at the following shows this year:

  • Ort Gallery Schwarmerei Members Show (11 May – 8 July 2017)
  • B37 Arts Project Exhibition (7 – 18 July 2017)
  • RBSA Portrait Prize Exhibition, RBSA Gallery (27 July – 19 August 2017)

His art sales have seen a huge growth over the last two years and we are happy to have played a part in this success. We are also delighted that he recently opened his own studio and gallery in Stourbridge at The Redhouse Glass Cone.

Before using Precision Imaging, Kirk sourced his prints, mounts and frames from three separate companies and assembled the orders himself. By allowing us to provide the whole service means that he can focus more on creating his artwork.


I cannot thank Dave and the team at Precision Imaging enough for the excellent service they have given to me over the last two years. I use them for all of my digital scanning, print, framing and canvas work and can highly recommend them.